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If there’s something to be excited about in any residential property – it has to be their facilities and amenities. Family members all look forward to using the various features and amenities in their neighborhood and Lush Residences is no exception. It is described not only as luxuriously convenient but more so with the number of varied recreational amenities they offer to their residents.

First of all, what would welcome you to this community is a posh residential lobby that’s open, spacious and elegant, furnished with modern, sophisticated interiors. Fine furnishings adorn the lobby, as you feel enthralled with the overall ambiance around you.

For the kids, a kiddie pool awaits them. The adults also have their adult lap pool. For summer days, the kids as well as their siblings and parents can swim to their hearts’ content. Or do some night swimming. Swimming time is a great bonding time and create new memories. Bask in the sun, sip your favorite coolers and read a book while you dip and splash. Families can also bond in a Multi-Purpose Area where they can just sit down, chill and relax or play their favorite board games. Or they may do so while outside in the Porch Area where air is fresh and environment is green. Colorful blooms and green foliage all around – this place certainly will evoke tranquil, relaxed ambiance. A feast for the eyes and soothing to one’s mind and soul. A playground is also within the grounds for the children who are free to use them as much as they can. Kids and neighbors’ kids can socialize with each other. Parents need not worry as their kids can play safely within the confines of the community – no need to go out there in the parks or malls outside as children have their own playground area here.

Do your daily workouts at the fitness gym and stretch all those aching muscles from the stress of daily grind. Be refreshed as you walk around the green spaces and take in all the breathtaking views on the rooftop terraces. The Sky Garden of the Lush Residences is simply the paradise that will soothe and invigorate your minds and bodies.

This condominium development has a number of building facilities and services like a front desk that caters to all their residents and visitors. This place has a 24-hour security and has 3 elevators in service. There is 24-hour security as well as emergency systems for alarm, fire protection and generator set for common areas and select residential outlets. As expected, in this high technological age- there are cable and telecom provisions. There’s also a mailroom that is also useful for residents.

  • Porch Area
  • Playground
  • Multi-Purpose Area
  • Adult & Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Residential Lobby
  • Garden
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